7 sex positions for each room

7 sex positions for each room

We are organizing a marathon throughout the apartment together with St. Vendetta, will you take part?
Corridor: sex standing against the wall

Let's start with the corridor. There have certainly been moments in your life when passion captured you and your partner outside the walls of the house. And now you are rushing to your place, having barely crossed the threshold, you are already tearing off each other's clothes. You won’t have time to get to the bedroom and it doesn’t matter. Settle down right in the hallway. If you like standing sex, pay attention to the position against the wall, because the wall will give additional support and help your partner to keep his beloved.
Living room: sex in the chair

Passion captured you while watching your favorite series? Maybe the spicy scenes from the "Game of Thrones" caused a burning desire? You can diversify movie viewing in the living room. Sit comfortably in a chair or sofa. Feelings will come out unusual and interesting. The main thing is to move slowly.
Bathroom: bathroom sex

One of the most popular and passionate positions in sex is the Cowgirl, in which the girl is on top. The pose is suitable for couples in love who love kisses and hugs. It will also appeal to those who crave sex with female domination or the deepest possible penetration.
Bathroom: standing sex in the shower

There are many positions for sex in the bathroom. If there is no bath itself, try caressing each other in the shower. Important: do not forget that slippery surfaces are dangerous. Place a mat under your feet to keep you from falling.
Cuisine: sex at the buffet
The kitchen has plenty of cabinets to lean on. Bring a twist to your intimate life and master the standing position with a raised leg. I warn you, this option is only suitable for couples with a small difference in height. Short girls and tall guys are better off choosing other options.
Canteen: sex on the table
Of course, the dining table is a place for a meal, not for sex. But, in the end, you are at home and have the right to do whatever you want. However, do not forget to monitor the intensity of movements and do not sit on the table if it has flimsy legs. If the countertop is strong and the legs do not stagger - go for it!
Bedroom: sex on the floor by the bed
Well, here we are back in the room intended for sex. Forget about the missionary position - the world did not converge on it like a wedge. Try passionate variations of other poses, such as the "Bad Girl" variant, which is part of the "doggy style" category. Intense movements, stimulation of the genitals and slaps on the ass - this position gives a wide scope for action. Dare!