How to surprise a man in bed?

How to surprise a man in bed?

He will remember this for the rest of his life.

Once upon a time you chose the most comfortable position for oral sex, but it's time to refresh your intimate life!


Turn over gentlemen

If you are uncomfortable with oral sex in the 69 position, this is not a reason to forget about it once and for all. It is worth a little to modernize the position - and you are back on horseback! Raise your hips so that your lover can caress you with his fingers or vibrating sex gadgets. And then you can safely change roles: let your beloved give you oral pleasure. Everything new is well-forgotten old, right?


Rough game

Rough doesn't mean it hurts. This position is ideal for those couples who love hard sex. You can control the depth of penetration and frequency of frictions. And the angle of the throat allows you to make a truly "royal" blowjob without discomfort for you.

A nice bonus: your hands can do whatever you want! Caress yourself during a blowjob or caress your man's testicles.


Tender kitty

Even in such a standard position, where a man lies, and a woman is between his legs, you can add fire and ... tenderness. Cross one leg over so that his leg is between yours. So you can squirm with your whole body or stimulate your intimate area while a man suspects nothing!

A proven life hack: this position is ideal after an erotic massage, when your bodies are in oil or a special cream for intimate caresses. This will add to the fun for both of you!


Double pleasure

A very erotic picture: a man is standing without pants, and his beloved woman is kneeling in front of him. Caress and kiss him, but do not immediately go into oral sex with his penis. Give him time to assess the situation and think, “Oh my god, what is this gorgeous woman going to do?!”

For double pleasure, you can use vibrating sex devices or a vibrator for external and internal stimulation. You will get even more excited!