Sexual preferences improve people's sexual experience, but are not necessary for arousal. So what are the most popular sex fetishes?



There are many reasons why people enjoy anal sex: "forbidden fruit is sweet," the difficulty of persuading a partner to go for it, and some of the added physical pleasure of tension.


Role play is a healthy fulfillment of sexual fantasies with a partner. The beauty of role playing is that a person can ask their partner to dress up as a doctor and live out their fantasy without having to go to a doctor!


Preferences in sex can be completely different, but what should definitely be noted is the phenomenon of foot fetishism, which is surprisingly common. This is the most common fetish when it comes to non-genital parts.


Voyeurism is the process of obtaining arousal as a result of observing sexual intercourse. It's no secret that almost every person on this planet has watched porn.


This preference in sex involves deriving sexual pleasure from the risk of being caught in the act. That is why some people prefer to have sex in public places: this way they experience a whole range of unique emotions. Some even enjoy breaking the law, while others simply enjoy the attention.


One of the popular male and female fetishes is the restriction of the partner's sensory feelings, which contributes to the receipt or retention of various stimuli. For example, one partner may blindfold the other in order to deprive him of his sight. Some people like to use ice cubes during sex, which stimulates the sense of touch. This includes spanking, tickling with a feather and biting.


Bondage is a form of sexual interaction in which one partner restrains the other. It is usually a form of domination and submission that falls under the auspices of BDSM. Couples can tie each other with handcuffs such as a belt, or purchase special items and sex toys such as handcuffs.


Sexologists say that one of the most common fetishes is what is hidden in every girl's dresser - erotic underwear. Many people get turned on by the sight of sexy lingerie. This also includes a passion for stockings and, of course, seductive belts from St. Vendetta


According to sexologists, filming sex is now incredibly popular. This may be due to the growing popularity of porn, or the availability of photo and video equipment. Although, despite the fact that filming sexual intercourse is fun, reviewing this video is far from always pleasant.