Despite the fact that these positions are marked as holidays, you can try them any day, because with a good person, every number on the calendar is red!


Breaking Dinner Plans

Instead of cooking, sit on a sturdy table or countertop and hand him a bottle of chocolate sauce. Let him lick everything that drips on you.


Marine fantasies

Start caressing in the shower, then lightly dry off. Jump on him, wrap your legs around his hips, and let him act by pinning you against the wall.


Lazy wine

When you drink wine, take the pose of spoons. Lift your top leg and throw it behind his legs: let him caress your clitoris at the same time as penetration.


Jack and Rose

Stand facing the wall, spread your arms to the sides. He enters from behind without letting go of your hands. Fly!


Beating hearts

Lie on your side in 69 position. Bend your knees, let his head be between them. Then everything is clear, you are one.


Teddy bear

Stand on four points, like a sitting bear that has fallen forward, let it enter from behind and move in such a way that you are pleased


Better than chocolate

Lie down on the table with your legs apart. Let him lie on top and caress your clitoris with a vibrator, and play with your nipples with his free hand. Everything is for you today!