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Estonian brand which creates a poetry of the body - eroticism in leather.


Love the idea it can be worn in different ways, and it looks good in every way


Exactly what I expected it to be! Everything works / is perfect with my order.


It looks so awesome in my booties! Keep up the awesome work, it’s beautiful!


It became one of my favorite leather accessories in no time and a great addition to my collection. It fits perfectly; the leather is soft and smooth. The metal elements look polished and sparkly. But most importantly, it can be worn so many different ways!


very sexy and luxurious

Valeria M

Why us?


To get something from St. Vendetta store is an act of self-love. We make products based on your personal measurements, for a perfect fit on your body.


Particular attention is paid to the choice of leather. We have it with the correct thickness, color, flexibility and strength. All furniture used in production come to us from Italy. It can withstand a load of up to 90 kg.


All products from St. Vendetta are completely hand-made, from the cutting of straps from a piece of hide, to processing the leather and leaving it embossed with a brand of authenticity.

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