Myth #1: Size matters 

While you are reading this sentence, somewhere in the world, several men have already managed to google "how to enlarge my instrument at home." But you and I know that: the arithmetic mean of the length of the male penis in an erect state around the world is 13.1 cm. Some have more cms, some have less, the point is different: there is no ideal frameworks that you have to fit.

Myth #2: Masturbation is bad for your health.

Masturbation is a completely normal sexual activity and does not affect the growth of hair on the fingers, the reduction in the size of the penis or its curvature. However, too much masturbation still has a negative impact on your life. We are talking about the possible negative impact of 18+ movies on your relationship with your partner, as well as the formation of a wrong perception of sex in real life.

Myth #3: Any orgasm "blows the roof" and is the main goal of sex.

Only a real man, a professional with many years of experience and even a womanizer can bring a girl to orgasm. What if not? In fact, not every sex necessarily ends in an orgasm, and orgasm, in turn, is not always "like in the movies." The female orgasm is generally a rather unpredictable thing. So next time, instead of trying to reach it by hook or by crook, you can just close your eyes and enjoy the moment.

Myth #4: There is a correlation between penis size and nose, hand and foot size.

There are no scientifically proven facts that confirm that the size of the penis is in any way related to the size of shoes, hands or nose. Men with size 45 feet, sorry.


Myth #5: The taste of sperm depends on the man's eating habits.

It is believed that if a man likes meat with blood or citrus fruits, then his sperm will be sour. Constantly consumes pineapple juice - the taste will become sweeter. But you will have to get rid of alcohol, coffee and cigarettes: these substances allegedly make sperm more bitter or salty. However, all these popular beliefs about the effects associated with the use of certain products are not scientifically proven. So no amount of pineapple juice will turn your sperm into pina colada, such is life.