Massage before sex, theory for lovers.

We are not in a hurry, we liberate our hands and relationships, then we take oil, a partner, reading, enjoying.



Before starting the massage, lubricate your hands well - they should be well moistened. If you don't, your hands will absorb the massage oil they need, but leave nothing for your partner's skin. Once you are sure your hands are no longer absorbing the oil, pour more into your palm.

Relaxing atmosphere

No one can relax in an environment that is not conducive to relaxation. And without relaxation, the chances of getting an orgasm are significantly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the massage venue so that the environment is as suitable as possible for the planned actions. Feel free to put in scented candles, soft music, and whatever else you deem necessary.

Weapon choice

It's time to choose your weapon: fingers, tongue, lips or a sex toy. And act consistently until the goal is achieved. It may take patience and perseverance, but it's worth it!

Start slow

You must understand that sensual massage does not tolerate fuss: the start and the whole process must go slowly. If you skip all the steps or increase your speed to get to the final a little faster, you can ruin everything. Therefore, start with parts of the body that are not considered erogenous zones, and then move on to the most sensitive areas of the body. Massage usually starts from the shoulders - stroking them promotes relaxation and does not turn into direct sexual stimulation. This stage should be about 10% of the total massage.

Tertiary erogenous zones

Not all erogenous zones are the same for all people. For example, in the tertiary list there are legs and armpits: some go crazy when touched, others are indifferent. The tertiary erogenous zone stage should be about 40% of the total massage. Typical tertiary zones are neck, hips, feet, armpits, back, chest and knees.

Secondary erogenous zones

It's time to raise the bar and raise the level of excitement. The secondary erogenous zones are less ambiguous than those that were the focus of attention in the previous stage. And what were sighs of lust can turn into light moans. This phase of the massage should be about 30% of the total duration. Typical secondary areas: nipples, scrotum, perineum, pubis, and buttocks.

Primary erogenous zones

The last 20% of the massage is the part that allows the partner to experience that stunning orgasm that he should look forward to. Concentrate on the primary zones to create an explosion of pleasure. Typical primary zones are: clitoris, labia, penis, anus, and vagina.

Reverse heating

To make the perfect erotic massage and keep your partner's arousal high, try reverse warming up. This means going back from the primary erogenous zone stage to the secondary and tertiary erogenous zones. But it should not last as long as a regular warm-up. Let it be an easy short game - a kind of flirting and pampering.