The required time for orgasm and the process itself varies greatly, give someone an hour, and he will be able to two, and someone is enough even 10 minutes, so we are not looking for winners here.

Spoiler: it all depends on your preferences.

Let's figure out how long sex should last and how to influence its duration.


According to a survey of sexologists, vaginal sex usually lasts three to seven minutes. “Too short” is considered an act lasting 1-2 minutes, and “too long” - from 10 minutes to half an hour. The “desired” duration is 7–13 minutes.

Most studies focus on the time it takes for a man to ejaculate during vaginal penetration. But this is not the only kind of sexual intercourse, and the above figures do not include foreplay, touching, oral and anal sex, which in various combinations are necessary for both partners to reach orgasm.

Therefore, the “normal” duration of sex for you depends on what exactly you understand by this process.

If we take into account only vaginal penetration, then - a few minutes. Although in this case there are reservations, because this option can be carried out not only at the expense of the penis. And data on the average and desirable duration of anal sex in general is not yet available.

In addition, the duration also depends on what you want to receive. Some couples like slow and sensual sex, others - fast and intense. And these preferences can change depending on the mood and circumstances. The main thing is to remember that the process should give pleasure to both partners, and not chase after a certain time.

The duration can be affected by both psychological factors - stress, dissatisfaction with your body - and external circumstances. For example, small children in the house. In addition, physiological factors such as age and various sexual disorders significantly influence.


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