About us

St. Vendetta is a manufacturer of leather harnesses, garters and accessories.

Based in Tallinn, Estonia.

We are a unique combination of feminine magnificence in the daring leather.

Let us help you make your secret dreams come true... mrr
Our story-
We are Anastasia and Vadim - the creators of the St. Vendetta.

We’d like to tell you a little about ourselves and the birth of the brand..

The idea of creating a brand came a year and a half ago, at an ordinary dinner. We were just discussing crazy ideas, laughing at them, but suddenly one of them “hooked” us with something, and without hesitation we started implementing it.

We called it St. Vendetta!
Why? Because it sounds cool.

Everything our relations are built on: trust, mutual understanding, respect, care, passion and most importantly - love - we do our best to reflect it in our brand and pass on to our customers.

The initiation made in our workshop should be a continuation of yourself. We are only your spices in this business, and you are the chef of your emotions.

Be your fantasy🖤

Yours ever,
St. Anastasia & St.Vadim