We have collected the most interesting options for sex games for your evening, take a partner and get down to business.


1. Adult bottle

Of course, this game is familiar to you from your youth. There is also an adult version. Spin a bottle on your bedroom floor or even on a box spring. When the bottle points to you, you must ... Agree on this in advance or prepare a surprise for each other. Experience shows that even simply twisting the bottle raises the "sex temperature" in the bedroom.


2. Innocent 30 minutes

You have 30 minutes to get excited. No sex in the first half hour, only caresses! You can take off each other's clothes, kiss, stroke all parts of the body, and also make a list of fantasies for foreplay. After half an hour, you are guaranteed to pounce on each other, and your sex will be enchanting!


3. Masquerade ball

Masks adorn the face, make the eyes glow and give a mysterious look. For example, a cat mask will turn you from a timid girl into a sexy predator. Drop the constraint and come up with your own rules of the game. Indulge each other with a longer foreplay, which can be started by dancing to the appropriate music. Come closer to each other and start to playfully tear off each other's clothes. Masks are best left - sex with masks can be more interesting than without them. 

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4. Truth or Dare

Sex can also be reached through words. Either your partner truthfully answers you an intimate question, or he must perform a certain action (kissing, undressing, and so on). Then you switch places: now you become an active player.


5. I see nothing and feel everything

Alternate blindfolding is a classic of erotic games. However, this opportunity for an exciting new experience is probably not enough for you either. To take the game to another level, try using pleasant smells, run a feather, ice, touch him in different ways and try to massage him.